The Dogton Celtic Cross

Another thrilling installment in my Wee Jaggy Bits o’ History series, this time a Pictish Stone in deep in the Kingdom of Fife.

A double whammy yesterday, when on the way home from photographing the site of the last duel in Scotland I was able at long last to return to Dogton Farm to photograph the Class 2 Pictish stone.
The farmer at Dogton usually does not allow much time in between the harvest and the planting of his next winter barley crop, so there is usually a very small window of opportunity to visit this site, well there is for me as I do not cherish the though of tramping over a newly planted field. So a good four of five months after the harvest and the field is still unplanted so I took my chance for another visit.

Dogton Pictish Cross

Dogton Pictish Cross

The cross stands in the middle of a field surrounded by a tight fence, which makes photography of the stone itself quite difficult…. however I tried something different and came away with this…

Dogton Pictish Cross

Dogton Pictish Cross

There were one or two rough edges with the stitch but it done a very good job of photographing something that was a couple of feet away with a 50mm lens. This shows the west or the Christian side and the south edge, which carries the serpentine animals.

My Wee Guide to the Picts book states thus, “In poor condition, this cross stands next to a wall by Dogton Farm. Identifiable carvings include a horseman with a spear, two interlaced serpents biting each other and other faint traces of an arch and a Pictish beast.”

The east face was in total shadow and will have to wait until another day, month or year but there’s one thing for sure….Mair tae come


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