A sunny day on Moncrieffe Hill

Oh dear, where do I begin?

Fin, the Photographers Nightmare and my faithful Labrador is showing his age, he’s 12 1/2 years old now and is no longer up for the duration of walks that we used to do and I have to admit that I miss our morning walks along Hatchbank Road and the photo opportunities along the way. Probably just as well as the weather in this part of the world could only be summed up in the good Scots word – dreich!

It’s been miserable here lately, if its not blowing a gale then its raining hard and sometimes its both! This winter, we have hardly had any snow or hard frosts, so generally its been a mild with little or no photo opportunities and even less for photographing things with wings.

Yesterday was a little different, a nice piece of blue sky and some cold winter sunshine was enough to get me out on the bicycle to do a 23km run, that’s 14 miles in old money up through Kinross and out into the countryside then returning back along the Loch Leven heritage Trail. I realised that was a mistake by the time I was about a half mile onto the trail. It was too busy with other walkers, it brought out the grumpy old man in me and I got off the trail and continued the rest on the road.
The trail is due to fully open in the Spring,  going all the way around the Loch for about 14 miles, so with the prospect of the lighter mornings I will be able to get out earlier and hopefully get the whole trail more or less to myself, willingly sharing the path with the other die hard eejits and dog-walkers.

Anyway, it was such a nice day that my darlin’ and I decided to go for a walk and to cut a long story short we ended up on Moncrieffe Hill, to the south of Perth. It was a good decision as the trees shielded us from the wind leaving us with the muddy, waterlogged forest roads to contend with and an hour or so later we found ourself at the site of the Iron Age fort at the top.


Of course there were photos.

Trees 1, Moncrieffe Hill

Trees 1, Moncrieffe Hill

My interest in ICM photography, Intentional camera movement, as opposed to blurry photos shot by mistake has been rekindled lately. Unfortunately, time was of the essence and my darlin’s patience finite so I did not work the shots like I should have done. Maybe another day…

Blue skies and bare trees

Blue skies and bare trees

These must be Pole Pines, they are certainly straight enough.

The view from the escarpment

The view from the escarpment

I had some doubt about where the forest road was leading us, so we went up a short escarpment and scree slope. My darlin’ did not really appreciate the climb but it reminded me how much I enjoyed hillwalking and how tender my knees were from the morning cycle. Still the view was worth it.

The view at the top, looking over towards Perth was fantastic so I had a go at a pano. This was the first panoramic photo that I have made in a while.

Perth Panorama

Perth Panorama

You will be able to get a better look, if you select the image. You will see that things were not all rosy as the weather was kind of nasty looking over the Sma’ Glen in the middle left distance. Still not bad for a small camera. This would be a great location for a Gigapan Panorama but that won’t happen without a small lottery win first!

East Lomond, through the trees

East Lomond, through the trees

On the way down I glimpsed this opportunity, where the trees formed a natural frame to East Lomond in the distance.

One man and his darlin'

One man and his darlin’

That’s it from me, all I have got left to do is clean the walking shoes but there is one thing for sure….

Mair tae come


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