Beyond the Bookmark

Beyond the Bookmark
I’ve been listening to Brooks Jensen for a while now and this one is worth a listen, his LensWork podcasts in general are very thought provoking in that he tries to challenge your ideas and preconceived notions about photography

“Getting outside of our own little community is of value”

The podcast in question,  concerns the artistic impressions upon the photographer by the influences of groups such as Flickr and I could extend this to the likes of,, Aircraft-Pictures,net and so on, where your exposure to artistic influences is influenced by the community that you inhabit, which could be to the detriment of your photography.
I’m thinking of the UKAR and the trite “Great shots!” type of comment or the clicking of a Like button without really looking at a photo in great depth.
“Being boxed-in by a confined set of ideas”

Personally, I am undergoing a detoxification process at the moment, taking a step back from my usual web sites to try and recover my photographic mo-jo so to speak. One can get into a rut where the bulk of ones photography seems to fall into the RECORD category rather than the CREATIVE category.

Lately, I had been shooting aircraft that definitely fell into the RECORD category, albeit I was able to got photos of two aircraft that I had been after for a while but they are not very creative and the shots are more or less the same, which equals BORING. The ideal thing would be to travel up to Barra and get a better backdrop to the pictures but generally one has do what one can with what one has and all I had was an indeterminate length of time at Glasgow Airport.

G-BVVK Twin Otter Loganair

G-BVVK Twin Otter Loganair

G-BZFP Twin Otter Loganair

G-BZFP Twin Otter Loganair

Later on that day and I am still wondering if it was the circumstance or the opportunity or both that allowed me to work a shot at Glasgow Airport to produce this…

ATR by moonlight

ATR by moonlight

The shot itself could have been worked further as I needed to stand a little bit farther back to get the moon fully behind the aircraft but I simply ran out of time and aircraft to play with.

At the moment. the rain is lashing at the window, the wind is rising and my head is buzzing with creative ideas for some night shots, so perhaps this detoxification has really allowed me to recharge the batteries and to try and do some more creative photography as opposed to the bla, bla, bla stuff that I seem to be doing these days… but there is one thing for sure…
Mair tae come


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  1. #1 by jeritilley on December 27, 2013 - 9:11 am

    luck plays a big part in getting a great photo, sometimes you are lucky! The aircraft and moon shot is one of those shots, probably never to be repeated.

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