The ghosts of things to come

Coming home in the pre-dawn light after pulling the 13 hours night-shift last night, with the clocks going back I had a whole extra hour at the fun-factory. The sun will rise from behind Benarty in another 15 minutes and I’m needing my bed.

Walking the dog, the wind ratting the trees, the leaves if they are not being blown off they will most certainly be hammered off by the rain. No more autumnal colour photographs, not that I got much this year with a lack of sunny days but the finality is coming home to me.

As the disgraced Lance Armstrong wrote, “turn disadvantage into advantage” and find a way of photograph the leaves as they are being blown around in the pre-dawn light and that was by switching on the flash and using the long exposure before the flash to produce the ghosted images before the flash froze the action.

The ghosts of things to come

The ghosts of things to come

So there we have it, the prospect of a rough day to come and probably another tomorrow but there’s one thing for sure…

Mair tae come


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