Fourth gear 4,000 revs

Another morning on the Brooks Seat of Recreational Fun, and I took a slightly longer route yesterday adding another mile or so onto my route, heading out onto the old railway line where I met my sister in law dog walking and a couple of cycling friends, so it was longer in time as well as in distance.

There was good light, well good light means it wasn’t dull and dreary as it has been in previous mornings so much so that I forced myself to stop and dig out the phone for this snap

Wooded path

Wooded path

It’s not great, merely to give you an flavour of the Loch Leven path.

My training run over I decided to drag the Beemer out and go out and return the chain new set that I could not fit to my mountain bike, so I enjoyed the trip out to Leslie that I decided to head on up to Scone airport to see what was doing… and nothing was, so I decided to head on up to Blairgowrie and then fancied carrying onto to Alyth and Dundee, but that road was closed so I was “forced” to head up towards Glenshee and I was really tempted to go all the way up but common sense got the better of me and I turned off towards Kirkmichael and over the Moulin Road into Pitlochry.

This road was just spectacular, the colours in the trees was fantastic but don’t ask me to see any pictures because I was having too much fun on the motorbike to stop and take pictures!

Through the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Advanced Rider course I learned the beauty and wisdom of being able to control the bike with the throttle and gears and that’s where the title comes from, my old Beemer has a nice sweet spot at 4,000 revs where the engine vibration drops away and you are left with pleasure. It carves itself into corners and powers out beautifully and that’s what it is all about being in control. I even managed to exorcise an old demon, to be frank I scared my self sh1t less while out on an IAM run, totally my mistake by being too wrapped up in the bend that I had just gone through, which led to me misjudging the next corner and going wide. had there been something coming towards me then I hate to think what would have happened.
This is where I know that advanced rider training should be compulsory for all riders upon passing their motorbike riding tests. All the training you get is merely to teach you how to pass the test, sure you learn can demonstrate some skills but only what you really need to know and afterwards you are left to fend for yourself and to make your own mistakes and learn from them hopefully without conflict…

Doing that IAM course was the best thing that I ever done on the motorbike. The thought came to me yesterday as I came out through the bend that gave me so much liquid excitement last year and now I enjoyed the whole experience and not just parts of it.

All things have to come to an end and it was time to start heading home, I bypassed Pitlochry by heading down the road to Edradour, which lays claim to having Scotland’s smallest distillery and down a very tricky, narrow, leaf covered road to join onto the old A9 for a shot spell then down through Ballinluig to go back onto the old A9 into Dunkeld and then Birnam. Here I had a “Father of the Bride” moment, I’m no Steve Martin but I did get a wee bit choked up as I drove past the Beatrix Potter Museum and Garden, thinking about my eldest daughter, who is leaving home, probably for the last time to go and live in Newcastle. Gemima Puddle Duck will never change Rachel.

One last stretch of the old A9 through Bankfoot and it was time to rejoin the race and the commuter rat-race they call the A9 into Perth and home to Kinross, this time to sit just below 70 mph in that wonderful sweat spot at 4,000 revs. My luck finally ran out, the overhead warning sign on the motorway, that harbinger of doom was warning “Heavy Rain Forecast” and shortly afterwards fulfilled its self prophesy or in other words, it started pi55ing it down and as luck would have it, it never fails, that when the rain gets heavy something will slow you down and you get even wetter, the rain no longer deflects over the fairing and you get wet. Still it was only another mile or so to home and I could take it… just.

The bike is away for another day but there is one thing for sure…

Mair tae come


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