Steaming on the golf course

A nice run this morning, very well controlled, it’s actually nice to finish a run and not be knackered like I used to do. I dare say these days will return when I start venturing farther afield and when I start hitting the big hills on the mountain bike.

The run along the gold course was particularly nice, the sun was warming the grass up nicely causing clouds of vapour to rise and be scattered by the sun light. Very photogenic unfortunately I left the camera at home and the phone was switched off so I kept on going.

I managed to climb the last hill nearly in the zone, which is an achievement. I may be climbing a gently hill like a granny but at least I’m not knackering my self in the process.

The way things will work out I will most likely have a rest day but there is one thing for sure…

Mair tae come


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