Another day on the Brooks Seat of Recreational Correction.

I was given a warning that I just could not ignore, not only am I over weight but I’m obese and it’s starting to affect my health so I have had to get back on my pedal bike and start taking some exercise to lower my blood pressure and loose some weight.
The weight loss is not too bad, I’ve lost a few Kg already so that’s good, the frightening thing is going by my body mass index, the ideal weight for my height. According to that, I have to loose one quarter of my body weight to get into the zone. and that’s 25kg, which is the same as a bag of cement. Sobering stuff.
So I’m back on my bike doing a daily 5 mile run more of less flat, with a gentle hill at the end of the run. I’m using the tourer which was custom built for me by Dave Yates in Newcastle and has survived numerous long distance cycles including two El Camino pilgrimages in Norther Spain of about 500 miles each. However sitting on a hard leather saddle on a bike with 32mm types riding on the path alongside Loch Leven is to put it politely a little rough on ones botty so I’m looking to get my Kona mountain bike back into service some time soon.
The problem there is for some reason or other I seemed to have bent the middle chain ring, which is the one that I mainly use and finding a replacement 32 tooth four bolt chain ring is asking for the impossible… no one seems to stock chain rings anymore. I may be forced into replacing the set of three rings and the pedals and if the chain is worn, that as well and maybe even the rear drive gears as well, an expensive prospect on a 20 year old mountain bike. But its geometry is really good, climbing hills was such a joy on it not to mention the descents with its Pace shocks on the front.
I am using using a heart rate monitor as I want to keep my heart rate down while maintaining aerobic exercise and to maximise weight loss. I am using an inexpensive HRM that I bought from Lidl many moons ago and it seemed to the job quite well, however I took the fancy to resurrect my first HRM, a Proactive Cumulus Heart Rate Monitor, HRM, which was gathering dust on the shelf, its battery was flat so I replaced it, which was the very reason why I bought the Proactive and not a Polar HRM as to change the battery one needs to send them away.
Since changing the battery, the watch did not emit a warning bleep when I went out of the training zone, which for someone like me is quite narrow between 112 and 132 beats per minute. Then the penny dropped what purpose the little spring that fell out of the watch served when I was changing the battery, it connected the watch to the piezo sounder inside the case. The next part was to figure out how it went back together.
Out on the road I got the impression that it does not reliably tell me what I need to know, there are times when my heart rate dropped by some 10 beats, which is not quite right and then there are times when you know that you are pushing it but the rate does not change and that’s too good to be true so I’m going back to the Lidl one tomorrow and see what difference that makes.
I seemed to have lost the formatting of my post, it just seems like one big block of text and I don’t understand what is causing it or what I can do to put it right so my apologies for that
As I write this it has started to rain again, it’s been raining heavily since yesterday, I may just “take a rest day” or in other words chicken out of today’s run but there is one things for sure…

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