It’s all about colour

The weather in this part of the world has not been all that great for general Aviation photography, which is the genre that I seemed to have drifted into, so in desperate need of some photo therapy I took myself off to Edinburgh Airport to shoot airliners in the autumnal sunshine.

I decided to try another comparison test with the Color Checker Passport, I took a picture of a landing easyJet Airbus and applied four different colour profiles to it and I hope that you can see the results below.

Adobe camera RAW 4.4

Adobe camera RAW 4.4

Colour Checker Passport

Colour Checker Passport

Canon Camera Neutral

Canon Camera Neutral

Adobe camera RAW 3.3

Adobe camera RAW 3.3

Canon Standard

Canon Standard

I have noticed a great variation in the easyJet orange from my own and numerous other photographers over the years and if you don’t believe me have a look for yourself G-EZIS but don’t forget to come back!

For the record, I white balanced my camera and applied a custom white balance in camera then took a photo of the Color Checker Passport and shot for the rest of the afternoon with that basic set up. Post processing was done in Lightroom 5 where most of the editing was done. The last stage was to save with the different colour calibrations into Photoshop, where the photos were reduced in size and sharpened with the same amount of sharpening and saved without an ICC profile being applied. My camera defaults on ACR 3.3


The Adobe Camera RAW and Canon Neutral produces a lot lighter tone of orange than the Canon Standard and Color Checker Passport (CCP) versions. The little patch of grass at the bottom of the picture is more vibrant in the CCP version.


The bottom line, the CCP seems to provide a consistant colour to the pictures with Canon Standard being a close second. Even if you never go out any buy the CCP, this demonstration is shown in its own small way the variations in the colour profile that you choose to use in RAW conversion has an effect on the final picture.


But there is one thing for sure….

Mair tae come


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