… to see the dawn breaking

A line from a book that I read on a account of a member of a bomber crew returning home from a raid over Germany. To see the dawn breaking meaning that they were on their way home and there was no more danger of being shot down by night fighters and more importantly they had survived another mission.

I’m almost pathetic in comparison, however, you know that you have made it through a shift when you see the dawn breaking at this time of year and by the time this photo was taken I had been awake for 26 hours without a sleep, totally knackered after a busy night-shift.  My afternoon pre-shift nap was spoiled trying to sort out a problem with my phone, which sorely tried my patience, which, giving the O2 operators the credit they deserve they did sort it out in the end however it was one of those pillar to post jobs. “We can’t help you but i know someone that can…” sort of calls.

Dawn, Benarty

Dawn, Benarty


Anyway this greeted me as I was taking the dog out for his morning’s constitutional. The thought of a cosy warm bed firmly entrenched in my mind.


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