Coming round to winter

I was reminded this morning that summer has gone and we are now on that downward slide to winter by the sun as it was rising more to the west than it does in Summer. It no longer comes up from behind Bishop Hill more in between the Bishop and Benarty and it no longer comes up at 3AM more like 7AM and before I know it the sun will be rising from behind the westernmost flank of Benarty at 0840 as it does in the depths of winter.

Not only that but it will be the only source of colour on the morning dog walks just dreich coloured trees interspersed by a dash of morning glow. So until then…

Turning leaves

Turning leaves

A riot of autumnal colour on a dreich morning.


Rise and shine

Note to myself, remember to reset the camera back to 100 ISO from 400 ISO so I won’t have to run the picture through the noise reduction software and save myself a lot of work in the process. AND remember to switch the ND filter off as well.


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  1. #1 by meryscarsa on September 17, 2013 - 7:07 am

    Like both photos. Autum is coming an shows incredible colours!! Congratulations and thanks for your advices.

    Visit my blog: Many thanks.

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