In with a bang. Out with a whimper

That’s my night-shifts done for another week and to demonstrate that you should always have a camera with you I caught this sunrise near Aberdour as I was making my way home.

Do'cot Aberdour

Do’cot Aberdour

This do’ cot is a bit off the beaten track and fortunately the field had been recently harvested so I was able to tramp across to use the ruins to mute the sunrise a little. I seemed to have missed the best bits as when I left work, the sky was lit by a lovely pink glow and very shortly after this was taken the colours completely washed away leaving a small patch of sunshine, which shortly afterwards went out with a whimper leaving a cloudy morning in its wake.

Do’ cot?

Doo is the Scots word for Pigeon or  Dove.  Pigeons were once kept as a source of meat and naturally you would not want a load of doos so close to your house so they were sited a little way from the habitation. This was a standard design, with a sloping slate or tiled roof and the inside walls were taken up with nesting boxes.

Enough from me, I’m off to ma kip but there’s one thing for sure….

Mair tae come


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