A day out and a days end

I had to make the trip up to Perth for a pair of fluorescent strip lights for the new kitchen units and to deliver some photos for a rather unusual assignment, which was to take aerial photos of crop trials. So I naturally ended up on the other side of Perth at Scone Airport for a small piece of photo therapy.

I tried on my previous visit to photograph a pair of new arrivals, however hand held and low light got the better of them and the first batch of photos were confined to obscurity, so I took the tripod with me and got my shot. There is actually two aircraft here, the one that’s on the foreground and its engine on the bench and the one that’s in the box.

These Magic Cyclones are owned by the instructors at the Scottish Microlight Flight Centre and I believe that they are now agents for selling these aircraft. The wings are much larger and are not featured in these pictures.

G-CIAV Magic Cyclone

G-CIAV Magic Cyclone

Magic Cyclone in a boxMagic Cyclone in a  box

SkyRanger by infra red

SkyRanger by infra red

Because it was such a nice sunny and because I had the tripod with me and because I had not taken many near infra red photos this summer I felt, just for the Hell of it to take a nIR photo of a friends SkyRanger. It’s cross processed and optimised for monochrome.

… and because I was flushed with success at the first one I decided to take another of another friends Cirrus SR22.

Currus by normal light

Currus by normal light

Cirrus by nIR

Cirrus by nIR

This time I have included the a photo in normal light for comparison.

Ochils at sunset

Ochils at sunset

I am so glad that I remembered the time to capture last nights sunset with the wee G10 but one thing for sure….

Mair tae come


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