Ochil sunset

I worked late on the kitchen last night and was treated to the sun setting as I worked al fresco, well I had to as I can no longer afford to work inside as the saw will fill the kitchen up with dust and my darlin’ will fill my life up with grief!

I created a profile and used the Colour Checker Passport on the picture along with a custom white balance.  I just did not like the one that I picked up from the CCP and besides it’s good to do things for yourself, like using the camera in manual. One gets soft letting the camera make all the decisions and the camera does not always makes the right decisions anyway, so it’s good to go back to basics and dial in the exposure on the back of the camera.

Unusually I had to do some spotting not dust spots but a flock of high flying Martins. It’s always a good sight to see them a) because it must have been a good day because the insects are flying high and b) they are still here, a sign that summer hasn’t ended.

Ochil sunset

Ochil sunset

The CCP, produced a subtle effect in that it filled in the golden tones above the skyline, this was quite pale in the Adobe version

We’ll see what tomorrow will bring but there’s one thing for sure…

Mair tae come


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