Getting some correction in.

Sounds like a job vacancy for someone that would go by the name of ” Miss Whiplash” or even “Madame” but this is not what I’m on about.

I have been thinking about buying a colour correction device called a Colour Correction Passport to calibrate and adjust the colour in my photos for some time and last week I finally cracked and bought one. I got off to a bad start when the vendor’s courier, Parcelforce had some form of break down at their North London depot and the delivery was a day late. That’s the second time that Parcelfarce has let me down, anyway it arrived a day late and on a not too good a day for photography at that.

What it basically happens is you take a reference picture and then run it through a program to generate a calibration profile. You then apply that profile to your picture and it brings the colours up to their true values when you took it.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

This was a photo that I took on the way home this morning, personally the sky has a greenish tone to it that I do not like but it does show the value of having a camera with you at all times.

These two give you a comparison.  Cameras have what is called Auto White Balance, which looks for something in your picture that it thinks is white and adjusts itself to make it white. Generally it works fairly well on the G10 but sometimes it doesn’t, especially when it can not see any white near the center of the picture like on this shot.

This is the un corrected colour checker passport photo

Uncorrected colour checker passport

Uncorrected colour checker passport

The word “Bilious” comes to mind.

Colour Checker Passport

Colour Checker Passport Corrected colours

Un-colour corrected Rowan berries
Colour corrected Rowan berries

Colour corrected Rowan berries

Here you have the deep golden colour of the morning glow being reflected off the green leaves producing a yucky looking colour. Now comes the Color Checker Passport, I used the American spelling this time. The colour correction has been applied, displaying the true colours with corrected white balance.

Now I know that the Colour Checker passport will come in handy but there’s one thing for sure….Mair tae come


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