The New kid and the Fast kid.

I had to go over to Crieff this morning on a mission to rectify a piece of stupidity on my part, the least said about that the better, although I had a cracking run through Glen Devon and Glen Eagles on the way. Anyway I took the scenic route home heading to Perth, using the back roads and then fought my way through the traffic to Scone where I photographed the New Kid on the block.

This Magni M24 gyro is now based at Scone and in keeping with “Harry’s Law” I now take photos of any new aircraft in the hangar and then wait until I can get a better one out in the fresh air and preferably with the prop and or rotor spinning.


G-DMCW Magni M24, Scone

This was a three image HDR all taken hand held. Funny I never thought that learning to shoot an air-rifle as a boy would come in handy when using a camera.

I took a photo of the fast Kid, Dave the owner as preparing it to go down south to compete in the Royal Aero Club Air Race weekend at Shobdon,  hence the race number on tail and under the wing tips.

G-HACE RV6A, Scone

G-HACE RV6A, Scone

The SCAA Helimed was air taxying back to its dispersal which gave me the opportunity for a two in one shot. Dave will be flying around the world soon and monies raised from sponsorship will go to the SCAA – Scotlands Charity Air Ambulance.

That’s it from me but there is one thing for sure…

Mair tae come


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