Winter swing

It would seem that the weather in this part of the world has swung back towards winter rather than spring, light snow flurries, followed by clear skies and a hard frost are all set to try us. However it did give me an excuse to take the camera out on the morning dog walk, it is always better to be out with the camera on a sunny day than a dull rainy one.

The first one is at the end point of the morning dog walk. I could go further but the Cleish Road is a bit busier than Hatchbank Road and so Numbnutz needs that wee bit more watching and a 12 year old Labrador has still the road sense of a two year old child!

This one is a three shot HDR,  the branches were gently moving in the slight breeze giving the picture a slightly soft feel to the picture.



Never turn your back on a photo, so I turned around and took this one just short of the Rushfield Farm road end. My late friend and fellow dog walker Wullie Watson always referred to the three Scots Pines on the right as the cricket stumps. Sadly one has died and only a tall stump remains.

Hatchbank Road

Hatchbank Road


I’m off with the dog for another morning’s walk so hopefully…

Mair tae come


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