Up to ones axles in snow

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story…. well almost up to ones axles in snow.

For the first time in almost a week this part of the world was blessed with a precious commodity – sunshine. It’s been none too pleasant here lately, the weather has been trying hard to make us all thoroughly miserable and it nearly succeeded.

This morning’s dog walk was the first piece of photo therapy since my air to air photo shoot almost 10 days ago now and I have still to post those pictures.  Conditions underfoot was treacherous but once you got off the road and onto the snow things firmed up a bit although I did regret tramping across a field to get a better angle on the Cleish Road.

On with the piccies.


Benarty at Sunrise

It does one good to see the prospect of a nice day. This one was a three shot HDR image under exposed for greater effect.

Gate, Hatchbank Road

Gate, Hatchbank Road

The beech hedge forms a frame looking over towards Rushfield Farm. I had to hunker down into the shadow of the wall so my shadow could not be seen, my ar5e got all wet but it was worth it. The things that I do for my art!

Anacroich Cottages

Anacroich Cottages

Conditions here were bad, the road was coated in hard packed snow so it was a quick snap and get the hell off the road in case a car comes around the corner.


Fin, the Photographers Nightmare. I had to nail the old beggars paws to the ground to get him to pose for this photo. I don’t think that he was all too pleased having has… erm, undercarriage so close to the cold snow.

Gate, Cleish Road

Gate, Cleish Road

The result of all that tramping through deep virgin snow, cropped kind of close at the bottom of the picture so my shadow would not show.

Gate, Hatchbank Road

Gate, Hatchbank Road

The snow studded with the imprints of a flock of sheep that seemed to be relatives of Houdini as they are always getting out and going a roaming. Looking over towards Rushfield Farm and Bishop Hill in the far distance.

Streaky Trees

Streaky Trees

I don’t know why it just seemed like the right thing to do. Switch in the ND filter and start the upward pan hoping to press the shutter to be in the right part of the picture at the proper moment.

So there we go, the result of this morning’s photo therapy session but one thing’s for sure…

Mair tae come


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