God’s gift to plumbing

Jings Crivens, help ma Boab.

What a day I have had. It was a dry start to the day, so I took a chance and dragged the Beemer out and rode it up to Dundee to see if the screen on my daughter’s iPod Touch could be repaired – shop closed. I did get the dismounting tools (oh Matron!) from a plumbers merchants for the plastic pipe. I just could not believe that I forgot to insert the metal sleeves into the ends of the plastic pipe fittings before I connected them up.

On the way home the heavens opened up and down came the rain, I was all right if I kept the speed up as the air seems to flow around the bike, or maybe it’s because I’m a “Weegee” and we have a natural repulsion to water, or is it soap and water?

Once again I felt like a real biker, wet crotch and all.

Got stuck in to the plumbing and after a trip to the Plumbers Merchants in Dunfermline and a lot of hard work, finally running out of fittings at the critical moment , which called for some  brute force and ignorance before  I finally finished the job.

The best bit was still to come, the pressure test was spectacular I don’t think that I have had so many fittings leak at the same time, ever!  I even had one that blew off, guess who forgot to tighten it, doh!

That’s the dishwasher more or less ready to go and it is also my Christmas gift to my darlin’ who has dreamed of having a dishwasher for many a year… now all I have to do is finish the rest of the kitchen for next year.

… and just for the hell of it, a piccie from better times, when it hasn’t rained more or less constantly for four days, bright sunshine, leaves on the trees and oodles of infra red for me to play with.

Anacroich, near Infra Red

Anacroich, near Infra Red


… and I’m off for some beer therapy.

Happy Christmas plumb and all,

sorry I could not resist that one.


Mair tae come


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