Infra-red… now available in blue?

Infra-blue, it does not really have a ring to it, Ultra-violet yes but not Infra-blue.

I had been playing a new program, DxO Optics Pro, it’s like Lightroom only this one corrects for imperfections in your lens and is tailored to suit your camera as well, I’m on day three of a thirty-one day trial. I’t a bit more expensive when compared to Lightroom but I’m impressed with what I have seen so far.

Anyway, there was enough sun on the go this morning to warrant another venture out with tripod and the near infra-red gear in the search of something interesting to photograph.

First up with this one

The house


I had intended to go roving over the field to get a better angle, that was until I discovered that the farmer had been spreading slurry and Fin, the Photographers Nightmare, regards slurry as we would regard deodorant so I made a hasty change of plan and one or two gutteral growls to the mutt lest he want to have a good roll in the stuff, which was nice for he didn’t meet Mr.Boot and neither did he need a B – A – T – H either. Mutual happiness all round then.

Next up was my favourite tree, with the house that I must not photograph and a cloud clad Bishop Hill in the background

The tree and a cloud topped Bishop Hill

A 90 degree turn and this one of Cleish Road a wee bit frantic as I could have sworn that there was a car coming behind me.

Cleish Road

Another venture into a field, without any slurry led to this photo, of the Cleich Hills, the collection of dots in the field to the right is a flock of over 1,000 geese and more were arriving. There must have been a Ducky-thing convention going on as they were piling into that field. Its some sight and quite a racket when they get airborne, especially when a flock that size is startled.

Cleish Hills

The last one of this set is a Scots Pine, I have known for years that there was a photo in this tree but never could find it, that was until today.

Scots Pine, Hatchbank Road

For some reason, unknown to me, I had forgotten to process a photo from today’s outing, it has a lot of prospects, so I will process and publish it some other time.

So there we have it, Infra Red does come in blue and…


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