Why photography is like sex

The thought struck me last night that photography is just like sex – when you get a good opportunity you should NEVER turn anything down.

As is my normal Sunday want, I wanted to go up to Scone however I was nearly did not go as the light was not very good, there was no sunshine to speak of just a high cloud that reduced everything down to a dull glow, however I went – for it is better to travel in hope than not to travel at all… and that’s the end of my fortune cookie wisdom.

To cut a long story short a friend offered me a flight in a 1952 Piper Tri-Pacer, the trouble was it would be at the end of the day departing within a half hour of official night time, so we really had to be back on the dot. The flight turned out to to be two circuits around the airfield, the aircraft trimmed out and I got a chance to fly this venerable old girl. She really was a joy to fly and stable, that’s what I really wanted.

Arriving back, one of the Scottish Aero Club Members was working late with the hangar lights on, which gave me the idea for these photos as I don’t often get the opportunity (back to sex again,) so I jumped upon the chance for some hangar photography.

Being lazy I went for the G10, which meant using the Gorillapod, upon reflection I should have grabbed the large tripod and used the 5D as the angles were looking up and sometimes into the lights.

G-CGYO RV-6A, Scone

G-AVWV Cherokee, Scone

G-CDBO SkyRanger, Scone

This had to be an HDR image as I wanted to get the details in the windows, five images from a single picture.

N21UK Cirrus, Scone

This is the one that I am most pleased with as I have been wanting to try the light / dark look for a while and never quite figured out how to do it. The deep shadows helped to start things off, a Curves layer mask with depressed shadows was the next step and that was followed by some painting to get rid of anything that shone through the mask and blend in the shadows so there was a pool of light at the bottom of the picture. A lot of work but it was worth it.

One thing that I will need to work on is colour profiling, the mercury vapour light is not kind to colours that can be see by the way the red looks on the RV6.

That’s enough for now…


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