Back among the normal people

That’s my night-shifts over for another wee while and I am back among the land of the normal people, you know the kind that go to their bed when the sun goes down and not when the sun comes up like me!

Two from this morning’s drive home from work.

I stopped at a lay-by beside the very busy A92 road near Cowdenbeath and placing the camera on the roof of the car I had to try and figure out when to press the button for the self-timer so the passing traffic would not buffet the car as they passed.  Not an easy job when you have to think 25 seconds ahead – ten for the self timer and 15 for the exposure time.

Looks like the lads at Mossmorran had another wonderful night as the elevated flare was going. I thought that I had composed it out of the picture however a happy accident put it back in and it kind of adds a different dimension to the picture, almost like a sun rise.

Three turbines and a flare

You know that old maxim about always having your camera with you?

Well I stopped at the traffic lights at Halbeath when this sight greeted me, so perching the camera and its wee tripod onto the rolled down window I had just enough time to shoot two photos, this one was the only one that turned out.

Halbeath lights

So there we have it and now time to get my body back into the land of the normal people and get some sleep but not before I snuggle up to my darlin’s wonderful warm body – Look out hen, Mr Iceberg is heading your way!


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