Time slipping by

Post or fade into obscurity, that’s a motto to live and die by.

Good morning Benarty. How are ya?

Things have been a bit unsettled lately, I’m still taking pictures just not posting them!

I took this one this morning while giving Fin, the Photographers Nightmare an early morning walk. I mounted the G10 onto the Gorillapod and wrapped it around the motorway bridge handrail then for good measure and to stop camera shake held the neck strap to stop it blowing around in the wind.

Over to manual, self timer on and adjusted the speed to something that looked about right and started shooting. One to test out the light trails and the transit time through the photo and another to get the moon clearing from behind the clouds.

A happy accident – I went to desaturate the Sodium light and accidentally used the Dodge Tool instead, this allowed me to bring just a bit more of the farm into the picture. I tempered the horrible yellow glow using the desaturated brush a short time later . Some more desaturation to the right hand side of the light trails to remove the yellow cast from the motorway verge. The back lighting of the vapour cloud in the distance from the ground flare at Mossmorran enhanced the overall effect.


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