Never second guess pilots!

Another beautiful day here today in Kinross, so much so that I dragged the Beemer out and went for a ride up to Scone to see what photo-therapy I could gain from a visit to the airport.

There seemed to be hardly anyone flying, despite it being such a beautiful day. Most of the Scottish Aero Club aircraft were in the hangar; however this Italian built Jetranger was probably the best catch of the day.

G-JBDB Jetranger, Scone

Its registered to a Van hire company in Newcastle and it is wearing well as it was built in 1970 by COSTRUZIONI AERONAUTICHE GIOVANNI AGUSTA SPA. Apologies for the capitalisation but I’m not typing out that lot!

G-JBDB Jetranger, Scone

Two aircraft came up from Strathaven, a Quantum flexwing that I had photographed last month and this wee X’Air. The colours are quite striking, I quite like it.

G-CBXA X’Air, Scone

I did photograph the Reflex wires on the Quantum, while waiting for another aircraft to taxy past, some hold the sail (wing) to the King Post, while the others form the reflex wires which can be pulled to alter the characteristics of the trailing edge and used as a form of trim control.

Quantum Reflex wires

I was lying in wait for the Club’s Eurostar to taxy past and what did the pilot do, turned off onto the grass instead. Never second guess a pilot!

G-CENW Eurostar, Scone

One club member did fly and this was his Ikarus, just prior to starting-up.

G-CBVY Ikarus, Scone

This was one that I have been after for a month or so, it is newly arrived and it’s the first time that I have seen it out of the hangar and despite my best intentions of being in the right place the pilot done his best not to be where I wanted him to be. Never second guess a pilot!

G-SUPA Super Cub, Scone

So there we have it, a load of aircraft photos and a bike run into the bargain. I do have some landscape photos to work my way through but they will have to wait for another day, as ….


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