Another beautiful autumn day here in Kinross.

Another beautiful autumn day here in Kinross.

I took Fin, the Photographers Nightmare for an extended walk this morning through some fields that have been harvested and into one that I had never even considered shooting in before and it was all in the name of photo therapy.

By the time that I had got into what was the third of four and shot a 67 image panorama the sky had clouded over and I lost the light. There was no point in exploring the field any more as the beautiful tree line with the autumnal chestnut leaves was in shadow. Maybe another day.

First was a walk along Hatchbank Road, this is what my dear departed friend Wullie Watson described as the cricket stumps. There were three Scots Pines in a row, making the shape of a set of cricket stumps, unfortunately one of them has died and is slowly rotting down to the ground.

Hatchbank Road, trees

To paraphrase the sage, Brooks Jensen who remarked in one of his recent Lenswork podcasts, that why take a picture of a whole thing when it was the detail that was what  interested you, so taking his message to heart, why take a picture of a whole tree with autumnal leaves when it was only the leaves that were interest.

This chestnut tree has vivid colours but the background featured a garden and potting shed and no one is interested in seeing that, so I went for a three tree progression, with the first one being a riot of colour and the other two merely thinking about it.

Chessie leaves

Another one on the same theme, this time a Beech, the leaves are slightly turned. I’ll come back to this one later.

Beech leaves

Another one of my favourite tree, looking towards Coldrain farm and the west.

Cleish Road tree

To finish with another panorama from the third of the fields, the second was a boring silage field where it was just grass. The bale nearest the camera really was quite close, and I zoomed in a little to get more detail but it only seemed to push the bale further away, I will need to try a panorama with the lens set at the widest setting with a close subject and see if that makes any difference.

Big sky field

The day was rounded off by me supposedly helping my daughter replace the fuel tank in her car. It’s only four bolts she says; fine by me you can get your hands dirty then. Anyway two of the bolts were OK the other two were rusted solid. Nothing that I could do would free them off so I ended up cutting the fuel tank off the car, so now I will have go  back under the car tomorrow and grind the seized in bolts off. Oh bloody joy!


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