Fell off the face of the planet – AGAIN!

Déjà vu from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past. So I fell off the face of the planet again. My excuse for such an act of carelessness is that I have been working quite a bit over the past seven weeks.

My employer completely shut the refinery down where I work for its eight yearly period of maintenance and upgrading and by next week the refinery will be back in production turning out Ethylene by the ton, ready for the European plastics industries do do whatever they do with the stuff.

September was understandably a very lean month.
This one was shot as I left work after a night shift at the back of six in the morning. The wind turbines have just started to be erected and almost a month later the first two have been commissioned and generating electricity.  The turbines are an emotive thing, you either like them or you loathe them however they are something close to a Scots heart in that we are getting something for nothing, well almost. If push comes to the shove I would rather have one of those blighting my doorstep than a nuclear power station.

Loch Gelly turbines at dawn

A keen eye will see that Shell’s elevated flare is going full out, that’s the ethane that never got to market….

First thing this morning and I was treated to a rather spectacular sunrise.

Pre-dawn glow, Benarty.

This was an HDR image, which ended up being processed for just the lighter tones, leaving the hill in shadow, going for the silhouette rather than the detail.

It is so true what they say about the scottish weather, waith five minutes and a different one will come along. The next time that I looked out the window the golden glow had gone to be replaced by fog.

The fog persisted for about an hour before it burnt off, giving me the chance for a monochrome of the nearby Cleish Hills.

Cleish Hills, Monochrome

I lost a wee bit of the detail at the top of the hill but I don’t think that I really miss it.

There is something about this beech tree, it has stood in the corner of this field for years and seen many tractors come and go and yet it defies modern farming methods with its desire for long straight lines from the plough.

The leaves have just started to turn, heralding the winter, oh joy.

Cleish Road Beech

I am still playing with the panoramics, this one was shot this morning. The thing that I can never get used to is the change in perspective that the pictures go through. I was standing a lot closer to them than appears in the photo. You will be pleased to learn that the black object middle left is in fact Fin, the photographers nightmare, doing what he does best by getting in my photos where I don’t want him to be. I could have cloned him out but decided to leave him in the picture in case his feeling were hurt.

Bishop Hill panorama



Another photo from this field, a rich harvest of photos from this one.

Bales and the Bishop

The farm in the background is the one that I am supposed to be banned from taking any pictures of, or at least making photographs on his land, which begins on the far side of the dry stane dyke in the middle ground but it it does have a nice red pan tile roof, which gives a nice hint of colour into the picture. (In case you were wondering that’s a dry stone wall, the Scots call their walls Dykes, unlike the East Anglians and the Dutch who call their dykes waterways.)

So that’s it, I’m happy with the wee  bit of photo-therapy that I managed to get this morning, no doubt tomorrow will be dreich beyond belief and I’ll start pining for another photo-therapy session out on Hatchbank Road.


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