Dropping off the face of the planet

Things have been very hectic lately, chief of which is my place of work has gone into a very intense period of maintenance and that means that guys like me are working for 144 hours before getting some badly needed time off.

Anyway, I shot this on my way home this morning, a view which has already gone for ever – as usual the red sky in the morning inevitably spells doom for the rest of the day (some seven hours later it’s raining) and the farmer has taken-in most of the big bales.

The picture itself was shot from a series of nine images on the wee G10, the RAW conversions and had to be run through a noise reducing program before they could be crunched in the HDR program.

Big Bales at sunrise

I shot this one last week, in between me finishing the spell of day shifts and starting the night-shifts. The photo was take in the Sma’ Glen to the north of Crieff and is a collection of images combined to make a 300 degree panorama. As you can see the Beemer figures in the scene, another lesson learned here as it needs to be more prominent in the frame, the panorama program seems to have reduced it in size.

Sma Glen Panorama

Given a bit of sunshine and blue skies Scotland can be so beautiful, unfortunately most of the days seem to be dreich, which I suppose makes you appreciate the good days even more.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable ride, from my home through Glen Devon and Gleneagles up to Crieff and out through the Sma’ Glen, to Amulree and Dunkeld then a ride down the A9 (boring main road) to Perth and home.

So there we have it, another three days left… a Chinese meal tonight followed by some moderate beer therapy, not too much however as I’m out tomorrow for some IAM rider training on the beemer.


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