A spot of Beemer therapy was called for…

A run out on the bike today, stopping off at my favourite haunts for some aircraft pictures.

Coming into Perth I was tempted to head up to Glen Shee and Braemar but the leaden skies that were dumping loads of rain in the hills to the north was a good enough hint to stay south of the Tay.

First up was Scone, where there wasn’t much doing, the wind was a bit on the high side around 20 knots, which is too much for the small aircraft to cope with. However it did give me the opportunity to try out a new panorama program and I must say that I am pleased with the results..

Scone panorama

There is actually about 30 or 40 pictures in this shot,  taken with my 5D on Manual mode with the 50mm lens. Looking at it objectively I need something in the foreground, it is far too empty to be interesting. Still it was only an experiment and if you don’t try then you’ll never learn.

G-BXJM Cessna 152, Scone

This ‘152 only taxied over to the pumps. For some reason or other I had to colour correct it as the sky was a yucky colour.  It was chucking it down over to the north west.

Back on the bike with a stop of at Dundee airport where pictures that I took of the two interesting aircraft were consigned to the bin, shot through the fence, badly focused and even a touch of heat haze, yes I know. It is really hard to believe that there ever could be such a thing as heat haze in Scotland at this time of year.

The road layout in Dundee city center has changed again, I have lost count of the number of times that the road layout has changed here. The city is bending over backwards to accommodate the new V&A Museum, which will no doubt bring great prestige to the city and another building that will be steeped in controversy.

Onward over the Tay and down to Leuchars where there was some activity around a solitary Red Arrows Hawk, which must have been left behind. The Reds were in Scotland this weekend displaying all over the place from Peterhead to the air show at East Fortune. The photo was far too naff to be of any use.

Next stop was a big hotel on the outskirts of St. Andrews, sometimes there is a helicopter on the lawn but this time all I got was disappointed.

Nearby Kingsmuir was a non event and the final stop was at Glenrothes where I photographed this Robinson R22, which was doing pleasure flights on behalf of HJS Helicopters near Aberdeen.

G-KUKI R22, Glenrothes

So that’s it. Not an awful lot to show for all that riding but it got me out of the house for a while.


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