Oi you! Get orff my laaand!

A lovely sunny morning today, it was a day to take for near infra reds.

Broken fence

This fence has had a hard paper round over the years, it is broken in a couple of places and in one place it has actually grown into a tree. Farther up is the Anacroich Cottages, where I took this next photo

Anacroich Cottages

Things started to get interesting, around this bend and a little bit up the road is the entrance for Rushfield Farm, I have been along this track many times in the past taking pictures when the landowner stopped his pick-up truck beside me and then promptly asked me to start asking him to take pictures on his land. Interesting, a new one on me. I would like to say that things ended amicably but they didn’t. he drove off telling me in no uncertain terms to get to off his land with an expletive and never to take photos of his house again.

So just for you Fraser Woods of Rushfield Farm have a look at Google maps or this Google Maps. 

Then tell me not to take photos of your house. It is almost feudal.

Cleish Road

Cleish Road

The last two were colour mixed.

So that’s all from me, the following dog walks may turn out to be interesting…


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