Christen Eagle – Patience is a virtue

I try to photograph as many aircraft as I can while I am up at Scone, some are understandably more common than others. This one, an American built Cristen Eagle spends a lot of its time in the hangar so I was rather surprised to see it out of the hangar and being washed down.

Unfortunately, the owner has decided to part company with it and this was its swansong at Scone.

G-RIFY Christian Eagle, Scone

Because I like to simplify my pictures as much as possible meant that I had to do a wee bit of limbo-dancing to try and hide the fuel pumps as much as possible. I almost succeeded.

G-RIFY Christian Eagle, Scone

In company with it’s rival the Pitts Special.


G-RIFY Christian Eagle, Scone

Over the cowling, one of the benefits of having a camera with live-view.

G-RIFY Christian Eagle, Scone

The final one in the set and my favourite of the four,

I’ll need to get back into regular posting.


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