Wasting time in a grand style

A day when nothing seems to go right. I went out when the sun was shining with the intention of making some more near infra reds on the morning dog walk.

No sooner had I set the tripod up in the middle of the road than a car came and Fin, the Photographers (moving to the side of the road when I’m told = one Scoobie Snack, thank you very much) Nightmareand and I headed for the verge. Setting up again, but this time much closer actually produced a better result.

Ah wuz here

I have been looking at this tree for a while wondering how to get the best out of the initials carved into the bark… and I’m still wondering!

A little bit farther down the road and this one presented itself.


I thought that I was going to have some trouble with a Shetland Pony who was making its way into the foreground but thankfully it stopped short and stayed out of my picture.

This was another view that I had been looking at for a long while, there are not that many gates like that around anymore, I like the graceful sweeps of the “diagonals.”


Almost story book-ish and my personal favourite of the day.

It was about this time that a cloud the size of Sutherland drifted overhead and the light sunk like a stone, the next shot was naff, the vibrant tones present in the first two pictures disappeared. It kind of figures when you think about it. Infra-red is heat energy so take away the light and it cools down and the “light” level drops although much more than normal photography. Lesson learned only take near infra reds in sunny weather.

Made in Dublin

One of a pair of gateposts made in Dublin that stands at the entrance to Ardgairney farm. More a work in progress, although I am pleased with the result, though it could be better. Again naff light levels but the problem here has getting the Ardgairney name to stand out in normal photography, no problem here.

Back home and back into the DI(Bloody)Y the first bit was easy removing the last of the old plasterboard from the old kitchen window so I could frame the lintel and then things never went right afterwards. What I though was a simple job to repair a floorboard so I could frame on top of it went from bad to worse. I ended up replacing a lot more floorboards than I had originally anticipated and a lot more time was taken up with trains of thought like “How the feck do I do this job?” The bottom line is I am not that much further forward and I am simply scunnered with DI(Bloody)Y.

Time for some Beemer therapy methinks….


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  1. #1 by John Smith on June 25, 2012 - 10:16 pm

    These are very fine. Particularly the first which is just perfect; the rough textured bark, the fluttering, twittering leaves and the soft view into the distance. Very tasty.

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