Dot Tadman Day – Absent friends

Dot had a heart of gold, although she did not suffer fools gladly, Dot had a cancer. Dot fought the disease, Dot put up the good fight and like so many good people she lost the battle.

It was her wish that there was to be no funeral just a celebration of her life, so her friends and family came together yesterday at Scone Airport to celebrate and have a good time in the process. That was Dot Tadman Day.

Cancer is a ba5tard of a disease, they say that it touches one in four of the population, I could agree with that. My little sister, Anne,  Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, treated once, fought the good fight and died aged just 29. My Mother, brain tumor, died aged 79, leaving just Dad and myself. I know one thing for sure, parents are NEVER meant to bury their children.

The weather was less than good yesterday a 20kt wind kept most aircraft on the ground, which was a pity as there may have been some flights going for her friends and family, however Dai went up later in the day and put on an impressive display in his Pitts Special

G-BYIP Pitts Special

Another HDR job, with a bit of dodging and burning to restore the highlights in the sky.

Iain joined in with his Spitfire mk.26, a  2/3 scale replica of the famous fighter. I must admit that I am beginning to like this aircraft more and more.

G-CGWI Spitfire mk.26

I had to resort to HDR to pull this shot off, where is the flash when you need it?

At home!

G-CGWI Spitfire mk.26

G-CGWI Spitfire mk.26

G-CGWI Spitfire mk.26

My own personal favourite of the day. I waited until he flew though that patch of sky and only got one shot as he cut his display short.

Friends and family

So Dot, we had a ball yesterday, good friends, good food and good company – cheers!



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