A Citation for me.

A North American reader would probably be thinking a citation, what’s he done now?

Churchill, you now that old fat man with the cigar that used to hang about with FDR and Uncle Joe, summed it all up as “two peoples separated by a common language.” In this case it is a good thing rather than a bad thing, the Citation is a Cessna Citation built in Wichita and registered in Germany (the funny bloke with the mustache that shouted a lot, caused a world-load of trouble that killed millions and ultimately gave us NATO and peaceful European Union) photographed at Dundee Airport.

D-IRSB Cessna Citation

I shot this one through the holes in the chain-link fence with my trusty old G10 then hopped onto the Beemer and rode off into the sunset. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that the Cone Fairy had been busy. What Cone?

This bloody cone!

It was a bit of a tall order but I managed it, although I could have done a wee bit better as there is a repeating pattern on the grass. But how could I have not seen the damn thing?

M-SAIL Pilatus PC-12

This Swiss built beauty is registered in the Isle of Man, which is a self governing Crown dependency or part of the UK but not. Owners like to register their aircraft in the same way that owners register their ships in the IoM and that’s because the owner remains anonymous. I don’t think there is enough space on the island for all the aircraft that are registered there and most will never venture the island, except on paper.

This was right out at the far end of the G10s zoom range I had to pull a wee trick to flatten the highlight on the nose and then restore the colour back into the picture and yes it really was sunny in Dundee this afternoon.


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