Ramblings in near infra red

I had the opportunity the other day to shoot some more near infra reds as I walked along Hatchbank Road with fin, the photographers nightmare. That was the easy part. the hard part came in remembering how I processed the images to get that lovely golden tone that the last batch seemed to have. Try as I would I just could not remember how I managed it, so I went back to basics and rediscovered the process.

I hope that you like these because I do…

The Tree

I just love this old Scots Pine, it has been through a good number of battles and to be honest I fear that it is not winning. This picture has a strange three dimensional quality to it, probably the way the foreground has a slight violet tone and the sky has a sepia tone.


Processed slightly differently, the trees were amass with bright leaves, the Z-bend sign looks out of place. there is a wee bit of movement in the trees, which only adds to the mystery.

Trees; light and dark


Really going to town here as I used a HDR technique to combine three exposures to capture the tone of the trees in the distance with the shadows of the near ground. Probably not the strongest image, I should have worked it a bit more. maybe another day perhaps.

Hatchbank Road

Typical, as luck would have it, no sooner had I taken the first exposure than I had to lift the camera off the road to make way for an oncoming car. Nothing left but to delete the shot and start all over again. Again this is a multiple shot HDR image and my personal favourite of the set.

Anacroich, the return

Processed slightly differently as I was after the shadow detail in the road, this three shot HDR is a close second for my favourite image.



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  1. #1 by John Smith on June 25, 2012 - 10:22 pm

    Really gorgeous photos. Thanks for spending so much time and effort to show them Wallace. Again I like the close up in the wood, but all have a fascination. Thanks.

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