Pounding head and infra red light

Not a very good start to the day, I woke with a headache, the kind that does not go away very easily with paracetamols, however I did get some respite on the dog walk when I dropped into The Zone with some near infra red photography.

It was pure bliss being in that Zone, my cares melted away all that mattered was the photography and how I was making pretty pictures, the pace of life slows right down when taking near infra reds, filter off, focus, focus off, filter on, expose, check exposure and have another go until you get something that looks right.  Pack up and move to the next interesting location. There is no light metering with near infra red, it’s all guess work, and the guesses usually ended up at around 8 seconds at f.8, 200 ISO

However all things have got to come to an end. I dropped out of the Zone and that was it. Hello headache!


I sneaked a peak over Sir Alan’s garden wall and shot this near infra red, I liked the processing so much that I done all the other photos this was, so I am sorry if  bilious skies are not to your liking.

Standing by the lamp post

I have shot this scene before under foggy conditions and it is one of my favourites from this mornings dog-walk, the way the shadow seems to carry a violet colour cast is very intriguing.

The tree – light and dark

It’s the colour and contrast that caught my eye.


The Ochils in the distance with a herd of cows enjoying the sunshine.

The tree

This is probably my favourite of this mornings images. I was going to crop it closer but I like the way the branches at the top hold the tree into the frame.



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  1. #1 by John Smith on June 25, 2012 - 10:25 pm

    Stunning set….. the skies, the clarity….. that big tree….. just beautiful….. and the delicate lilac and yellow.

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