Extra Tree-restrials in Hatchbank Road

With corny headlines like that I should be working for the Sun… but then again even I have standards!

I noticed this curious marking on the same tree as I saw the face yesterday, it plainly shows an alien man carved into the bark….

The Extra Tree-restrial

… probably smoking a pipe… or maybe not.*

A wee trip up to Screwfix at lunchtime for some bits for the kitchen with a diversion to Scone for some much needed town riding. my IAM instructor says I’m too street savvy and I need to do things better. What a great excuse that is to go out riding on the Beemer.

G-COWN Quik GTR, Scone

Just arrived this weekend was the latest design from Mainair’s drawing board, the Quik GTR. Like the Quik R design this one has no King-post (that’s the bit that sticks up above the sail (wing) with all the wires  hanging off it. The other difference is the tyres, much broader than the usual flexwing tyres, much better for soft field landings… and tundra.

Note the little red Cyclone, which is microlight flying at its most basic and an aircraft I have yet to see out of the hangar.

Lastly hello Jim!

* If you have trouble seeing the little green, well mossy man, try poking your fingers in your eyes and see if that helps… probably not.


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