Between the light and the dark

A few days ago, well last week I was struck by the way the shadows and light played upon the path along Hatchbank Road… it just said Monochome!

Monochrome trees

I even went as far as to soften this one to give it a slightly dreamy look to it.

That was the dry day, this was from a slightly more wetter day, I can’t remember which as it has rained a lot lately.

Imperfect Beech

What caught my eye was the way the beech leaves in the hedge were seemingly all plastered down by the rain into one layer. It wasn’t until much later that I realised that I missed a trick by not standing further back and zooming in to further flatten the image.

I selected this piece because the black hole seem to add mystery and imperfection, so I further enforced the imperfection by colour popping one leaf the then omitting one water droplet from the popped leaf.

So that’s Saturday almost over, another day without much getting done although I did get some gardening of sorts done today, that is if you class mercilessly wielding a strimmer gardening.


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