Thirty-one days hath May…

… and this is the end of my photo a day in May self-challenge… but not of this blog, I’ll rabbit on for Scotland nae problemo pal.

I really wished that i could have finished on a high point with a spectacular photo but the weather has been spectacularly crap today, so much so that I did not bother taking the G10 out with me on this mornings dog walk.

I just picked some images from the files that hadn’t been shown before, including the iPhone photo from this morning and all its dreichness.

So there we go and I better get back to the DIY, I have almost finished cutting the ceiling plasterboard which means that I can get rid of what I don’t need to make way for the expensive stuff, which should arrive tomorrow.

With may coming to an end I will scale back the daily blog posts although I’ll try and keep them as regular as I can. Until the next one…


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