Time for a cop out.

The weather has not all that good today, just as well as I got beasted into the DIY today and almost finishing the ceiling plasterboard a job that I had planned to do almost a month ago. I got a wee bit done yesterday but I have to admit that I gave up in disgust as things were not going all that well.

I had re-assembled the “siege engine” wrongly and it broke in a couple of places when I went to use it in anger… and then I got really angry. The Siege Engine is my name for the sissor lift that I made to lift the 24kg sheets of 12mm plasterboard up to the ceiling and more importantly keep them there until I could fix them into position. I was all suited up for the fibreglass insulation when the thing broke. It is just as well that I was wearing a dust mask as the language was pretty bad.

All the ceiling lights have been installed and I am just waiting on the electrician coming  to connect them up and that’s another mile stone passed on the road to completion.

That’s the score to date I will be pottering about tomorrow getting ready for the insulated plasterboard for the walls arriving on Friday. Getting that stuff onto the walls will be fun.

The pictures come from a visit that I made last week to the Angus Gliding Club at Drumshade Farm , near Kirriemuir. The guys there are a great bunch always good for a bit of good old  fashioned banter, it is always a pleasure to visit.


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