Meet a stranger, leave a friend in a high place

Well that’s me, a ton up, my 100th blog post. I gather that I get a certificate of merit from WordPress and a week in a rest home of my choice.

Today was the last of the good weather. the fine spell of sunny weather has come to an end and we are supposed to be back to dreich tomorrow. You may ask why is someone being disappointed about some sunny weather?

Try living in Scotland for a while and you will learn that this wonderful green country is green for a reason… as it’s nearly always raining, that’s why!

My intention was to go up to Scone to photograph the Czech Piper Meridian as it was taxying out, unfortunately I was slightly late in leaving the house and I arrived to see an empty parking spot. Ye big scunner, ye!

Anyway he was sitting on the runway burning gas waiting on his clearance from Clarence so I got my pictures in the end, from a spot that I hardly use anymore and just at the critical moment my camera batteries go flat, so with a curse I was off to change it before I missed the shot.

OK-NTG Piper PA46 Meridian

Mission accomplished. Now what?

My original intention was to go up to Aberdeen but the METAR and TAF ( that’s pilot talk for the current weather and the forecast.) was not too good, so I headed off east to Oban on the west coast. I have been after a decent picture of the Islander that operates out of there for a while now, I thought I had got it in the bag and I was leaving when I had a chance encounter with an airport employee. To cut a long story short, I met a stranger and left a friend in a high place. What a time I had photographing the aircraft from a high vantage point, including the return of the islander from Tiree, which made a very interesting landing with its heavy PAX load.

G-HEBS Islander, Hebridean Air Service, Oban

The icing on the cake came on the way home, I went north from Oban up to Appin and then down through Glen Coe and seeing the majestic crags of the “Aggie” Ridge (and if you think that I am going to type Aonach Eagach then you are sadly mistaken) to the left and the Aonach Dubh to the right, Seeing Glen Coe through a motorcycle helmet visor is the second bast way to see the mountains. The best was yesterday when we flew over them on a clear blue cloudless day. Unfortunately my joy was short lived when I caught up this three tour buses at the head of the Glen, the first one was named very appropriately Clan McDonald, there was a Dutch one in the middle and it was chasing another called Clan Campbell, presumably out for revenge.

The run over Rannoch Moor was epic, a steady cruise at 65 ish with nothing in my way for miles… that was until I caught up with another bl**dy tour bus!

Mair tae follow nae doot….


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