Knowing the path

Another glorious morning and another day of light and shadow.

My ar5e isn’t that big, it’s the camera bag, honestly!

I went out for a long run on Friday night on the beemer to celebrate the fact that it passed its MoT test and just for the sheer hell of being alive. One of the places that I ended up is the small Stirlingshire village of Cowie. The village was a former mining community and former miners do not forget how hard their lives were deep underground and those that were carried out while in the pursuit for coal.

Miners memorial, Cowie

“To the prople of Cowie, who in the pursuance of their calling lost their lives in the collieries. Others also through injury and mining were hastened to an early grave they served their pay unseen unsung in the cavers of the deep till early laid they through the ages sleep Lest we forget.”


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