Blue skies and CAVOK, Dave Martin, rest in peace

This Friday is usually something special, it was the end of my working cycle and the whole shift was looking forward to out 18 day break, a time to recharge ones batteries and to re-start our social lives but not this Friday.

Yesterday, was also the funeral of my friend and going by how packed the church was everybody’s friend, David Martin.

Dave was the kind of man so rare in this world, whose life touched so many others and a lot of people myself included held genuine respect for.

He touched my life as an earth-bound photographer at Scone, he was always generous when it came to offering the seat at the back to someone who loves flying but has not got around to learning to fly and for that I will be forever grateful. Not only me, he took my youngest daughter up for a flight and she still talks about it today. He took many people who would never had flown, let alone in a microlight up for an experience that they will also never forget. He was there when people needed him, his background in industrial noise measurement was instrumental in another flight. His willingness to fly helped an art student out with her documentary on the Lady of the Lowes, a documentary on a record breaking  Osprey, all these and more through the generosity of his heart.

His enthusiasm for the Scottish Aero Club and for microlighting in general earned him many friendships all over Scotland and for a special part of Zambia where he supported a children’s  home.

So Dave this one is for you, where ever you are blue skies and CAVOK.

Blue skies and CAVOK David Martin, Rest In peace



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