The Drumshade monochromes

What a day it’s been today, the only thing wrong with it was my Beemer was laid up in the garage or I would have been out riding it in this blast of May sunshine.

I went to Balado first as I hadn’t been there in a while then onto Scone where I was lucky enough to photograph a student pilot making his first solo flight (one day that’ll be me.) From there I went up to Drumshade Farm, near Kirriemuir to visit the Angus Gliding Club, who are a great bunch of lads and seem to do a lot for a small club.

It is always a pleasure to visit Drumshade as I am always made welcome, which is more than I can say for Portmoak.

My intention was to shoot some near infra reds of the launch and  despite the favourable conditions there wasn’t much flying going on, so I only got one attempt at the shot that I had visualised. The launch shot was disappointing, my timing was all wrong, I pressed the shutter too late to begin the 8 second exposure and the test shots turned out to be more interesting that the pre-visualised one!

The lay of the land

The chap on the left is the pilot, a dead giveaway seeing as he is wearing the parachute, the chap on the right is the launcher.

Getting into the cockpit

It may look like the launcher is loafing around but he is doing a vital job of making sure the aircraft does not tip over as the pilot is climbing into the cockpit.

The launch

You can see what I had visualised but it did not quite work out the way that I had planned.

Bob’s K8

Bob’s beloved K8 at rest at the launch point.


So there we have it, I don’t know what I’ll pull out of the hat for tomorrow I am back at work, so it may be a stock photo from earlier this month.

Before I finish I would like to wish my niece Lynne, a big Happy Birthday and I hope that you have a super day tomorrow.

Mar tae follow nae doot…


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  1. #1 by mc cezet on May 21, 2012 - 6:30 am

    Great photos, I like them a lot – the third one is my favorite, it shows the mood and atmosphere of gliding.

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