Oh ma sorry heed

I’m foundering today. I had the pleasure of being invited out last night to a friends retirement dinner at a seafood restaurant at Aberdour and rather enjoyed myself. Some of the company I had not seen in a long time and it really was good to meet them again and to telling some old and some new stories.

Thanks very much for the company lads and to the Room with a View for being such jolly nice people when it comes to serving seafood.

I am therefore sitting here rather worse for wear. I realised that I’m not as young as I used to be and in the years past have cut down my alcohol intake for fear of the dreaded hangover and equally I need my driving license and if it comes to deciding to be social and rat-sr5ed or sober and have my driving license then I’ll stay sober. That ever full wine glass is a dangerous thing, however there is nothing wrong with the nips of  Bunnahabhain that followed the meal… I had to settle for that as they didn’t have any Coal Ila, which is the distillery right next to it and has a much more peaty flavoured whisky (It must have been all that bog-trotting that I done as a lad that gave me the taste for a peaty malt!)

…. another swig of Irn Bru and I’m off again…

Today’s picture is two for the price of one, another near infra red, this time almost in its natural state, with only a red-blue channel swop being done to it and with it is a natural colour version shot on the G10 for comparison.

Round Kirk, near infra red

Round Kirk, colour

The clouds are sharper in the colour version because the exposure time was much shorter, the infra red was something in the order of 10 seconds and the stone texture is also different, note the band of light red around the window and the middle of the stone work.

Mair Barr Bru and am off tae walk ra dug.  Mair later nae doot.


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