More than a touch of sadness

I heard the news on Saturday, two killed in a microlight crash on Ben More. The aviation community is small enough in Scotland that it could be someone that I knew. Little did I really think that it would be two friends of mine. However that myth was dispelled this morning in the shadow of St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall when my wife broke the news that my friend Dave had been killed in the crash and that I knew Alan, the passenger as well.
So it is with a heavy heart that we leave Orkney to travel home on the MV Pentalina for Gills Bay.
My heart goes out to the two widows and families of my friends.

St. Magnus Cathderal, Kirkwall

We came up a small lane to go to the Jane Glue shop and there was the cathedral right in front of us and directly at my feet was the shadow of the spire on the pavement. A handy parked van provided some cover so I could go farther into the road to get the sun on top of the spire. A fast shutter speed for the over exposure a conversion into monochrome for the heavy contrast to ensure a silhouette and just a bit of blue bled back into the sky.

I’m not religious in any way but that does not stop me marveling at the way man became creative in the worship of their gods. St Magnus is the largest sand stone cathedral in Europe


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