Shetland – are we there yet?

The single most thing about Shetland, which never fails to impress me is how easy it is to underestimate the place.
Distance wise Norway is closer than London. It is as near to Glasgow as Glasgow is to London and the islanders consider themselves more Shetlandic than Scots. The other big thing is, it is that much nearer the Arctic than the tropics, at times the weather can be very severe here.
When you get here, flying in as we did Sumburgh Airport is an hour away by road from the Lerwick, which is the main town on the island.
And it’s not Shetland an island, it’s Shetland an archipelago of islands.
We arrived last night after a short flight from Orkney into Sumburgh airport. My scheming little aviation photographers mind was working overtime at the prospect of new angles and places to shoot from, although one would get pretty bored of shooting Loganair / FlyBe SAAB 340s, ours was the third one on the huge apron.
The airport must have been really buzzing at the time of building the Sullom Voe oil terminal as all the contractors came in by air rather than the 18 hour boat trip from Aberdeen.

Enough for now. The light is streaming in through the window at the light equivalent of a Force 8 gale and it’s time to be getting on with things.
Mair later nae doot…

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