Scotching the mist

Last night was one of those nights  that I would rather forget but I will not get the chance to forget that one for a long time to come. It did place me high up in a vantage point at 4AM this morning, watching the mist roll in over Fife, thinking that at least I will be able to get that photo that I have been patiently waiting upon at a nearby pool of water.

By the time that I was on my way home, the mist had all but gone, win some, you loose some and then on the final mile or so to home I got a brief view of the mist clinging to the side of Benarty and that was it. A poor substitute but it was there to be exploited and I took it.  Things changed dramatically in the moments that it took me to stop the car and go back to where I had seen this misty vision, so composing quickly with what I had I framed up the power lines as a lead-in line and snapped this three shot HDR image.

I wanted HDR because I thought that I needed to get the highlights and the shadows of the hedge exposed correctly and as it turned out all that I was after was the highlights as the shadows were deliberately clipped in the toning.

Benarty in the mist

Toning seemed to fit my mood, so that’s what I went for and to be honest I am still not sure if the third tone was the right one to use.

Another day another Photo a day in May fulfilled, it’s the eighth already and two days to go until my next adventure…


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  1. #1 by John Smith on May 8, 2012 - 8:52 pm

    An incongruous but gorgeous photo. Nature in all its elusive glory against a spindly and slightly arrogant, mechanical-looking tower. Perfect contrast and lovely toning. Wish it was one of mine.
    Regards, John

  2. #2 by andybeel on May 13, 2012 - 12:00 am

    Hi 4 am I am very impressed! Wonderful juxtaposition of steel and mist / hard and soft here – thanks. Andy

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