Howling at the moon

It has been one of those long weeks that never seemed to end. I spent the first four afternoons helping out with the bicycle  training at the local primary school, teaching 10 year old children how to ride a bike on the road, getting them up to a standard that they can be assessed by the Police Road Safety Officer on Friday morning.

I am pleased that they all done well and it gives me even more pleasure to know that I have imparted some valuable life skills onto the next generation.

Anyway, I was wrecked at the end of it, sitting in my chair of Friday evening my darlin’ told me to literally get on my bike and go out for a run. Not needing to be told twice I dragged the beemer out and rode off into the sunset.

I ended up at Edinburgh Airport, where I had the pleasure of meeting up with some photographer friends sharing some friendly banter as the sun set. There came a point where we “lost the light”and that came  just as the freighters were departing but it did give me the opportunity to bump the ISO up and get some low light practice. The results were not too bad.

G-BIKS Boeing 757 Freighter, DHL cargo

Before I go on, I’ll admit to cheating just a tiny wee bit. The moon was in the shot, it is just that it was in front of the engine and I could not resist the chance to “Play God” and move the moon to a better place. The other thing about this was that I ended up shooting on manual, that’s the second time in a month that I have forsaken Aperture priority mode and I am beginning to like it.

The moon on this one was genuine, it’s just a pity that it is obscured by the aircraft.

G-CELA Boeing 737 Jet2

So that’s the photos for the 5th May… I wonder what picture that I’ll use tomorrow?



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