Feed me Seymour. Feed me NOW!

It pays to be patient and boy have I been patient with this one, for every time that I would go to photograph this plant, something would not be right,a real pain in the roots.

I even noticed that on a few occasions it would be sitting trembling, literally shaking like a leaf in the lightest of breezes, that’s where the title comes from, however I’m not going to start calling it Audrey II, am I not expecting it to sing and neither am I going to feet it blood to encourage it to grow!

The two tone leaves is totally out of context with the other plants, which seem to sprout out of the stone dyke below, they are a nice healthy and a uniform green but not this one.

Anyway there was next to no wind this morning but typically there was no light either, however I have a cure for that the 580EX flash and a diffuser, which really done the trick.

Audrey II

First time round the leaves were clipped so I had to knock back the flash a stop and a half before I got the shot that wasn’t over exposed and then I worked the shot a little to get this composition. The picture was desaturated to the point that the green of the moss was just showing and then the leaves were colour popped for effect.


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