New life – wee floors & Tricky formation

I don’t know what these wee flowers are but they caught my eye, they turn up every year on this one patch of Hatchbank Road and kind of remind me of Strawberry plants. Anyway day three of my Photo a day in May self challenge and this is my submission for today.

Wee floors

The initial thing that attracted me to this was that they seem to keep some form of spacing in that they don’t all sprout up like a clump of Snowdrops, then the notion of a monochrome came to mind, then finally a desaturated image with colour popped green to accentuate the spacing and brought back some of the red in the dead leaves as a counter colour. It works for me.

All this week I have been taking the local Primary 7 class through their cycle training and I have to admit that my attention was distracted this afternoon by a roar in the sky as three US Air Force F-15 Eagles from RAF Lakenheath made their way overhead. “Tricky” Formation overflew Loch Lomond around ten minutes before i took this photo.

It just goes to show the value of having a camera with you at all times and my wee aye-Phone came in handy this afternoon.

“Tricky” Formation

Like an animals claw marks in the sky.


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