Good morning Bishop – One dawn or two?

I have to admit that one of the things that influenced my decision to live where I live was the views, the other was that my wife told me that this is what she liked and that was that.

Coming out of the house and down onto the road to be greeted with views like this makes me feel really grateful for where I live much better than looking out onto someone else back garden but no so grateful because these photos were taken at the back of five in the morning.

Bishop Hill

This time of year the sun has come round a fair bit to the east and rises a full three hours earlier than it does in the winter and it still has another two hours to go and by the mid summer it will rise at around 3AM. Great news if you are on night-shift, the pre-dawn glow is fantastic where the sky starts off with a thin orange band and progresses over your head to an indigo blue… really bad news if you are an insomniac though and any one of those has my sympathies.

The Bishop

This was the dawn on my second day-shift the sun was just about to break from behind Bishop Hill and a lively band of cloud seemed to radiate from the the hill. A fortunate mistake sent this one to Topax B&W Effects instead of Topaz deNoise. The possibility of a toned monochrome never crossed my mind until that point.

The definitely is something special about a dawn, you never quite know how the day will turn out, many a time I have travelled home with a glorious dawn, rising to some absolutely foul weather. Those are the days that you don’t mind working night-shifts, ha ha ha, you lot have to get up and go to work in that crappy weather but then again a full nights sleep always wins hands down.


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